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The Leprechaun and His Princess: Chapter 27

Chapter 27 :) The second half of this story came out weird,I promise to fix it with the next one. 

Enjoy guys!


   We’d somehow all fallen asleep in Harry’s room. I was sandwiched between Harry and Niall,Niall’s face buried in my neck,Harry’s arm slung across my waist. Sleepily I opened my eyes,surveying what I could without disturbing the others. Eleanor was snuggled next to Louis,who was sprawled out right below us. Liam and Danielle were on the loveseat;Liam’s legs stuck out over the end. Zayn and Perrie were next to the window,the tree outside casting shadows over their faces.

   The menu screen on the DVD was on repeat,no telling how long it had been rolling. I was tempted to close my eyes again,go back to sleep,when I felt Harry stir beside me.

   ”Are you awake?” he muttered quietly,taking his hand from around me to rub at his face.

   ”Barely.” I whispered back,groaning a little as he sat up,moving the bed.

   ”Sorry,sorry. I think we’re the only two.” he apologized,reaching for the remote. Turning down the volume,he turned off the DVD and turned it back over to regular TV.

   ”Cartoons?” he asked,flipping the channel to Tom and Jerry. I smiled in agreement,shifting so I could rub Niall’s back,occasionally letting my fingers run through the hair at the nape of his neck. 

   ”Could you spoil him any more? I swear,Bunny. Niall’s so lucky to have you.” Louis had woken up about midway through our show,tucking Eleanor under their blanket before sitting up,resting his back against the bed.

   ”I’m pretty sure I’m the lucky one. It’s not every day a girl moves to the other side of the world,finds friends in five amazing guys,and end up with four amazing brothers,three gorgeous sisters…”

   ”And an hot as hell husband to be.” Niall’s voice hummed against my collarbone,causing me to shiver slightly. His blue eyes fluttered open,smiling at me even if I couldn’t see his lips.

   ”When are you two getting married anyways? We know Liam and Danielle are getting married sometime next year,but you guys?”

   ”I dunno,Haz. Why’s it such a big deal to you anyways?” I asked him,cocking an eyebrow.

   ”Duh,I have to make sure I have the right suit!” he rolled his eyes,like I should have known already.

   ”Well,I have decided something already,that is,if Niall agrees.” Niall looked at me confused,as did Harry and Lou. I lowered my head to whisper in Niall’s ear,happy when he smiled back and nodded.

   ”Alright you two,this is my room. No secrets shall be kept from me!” Harry pouted,trying to stay quiet with all the others sleeping around us. I grinned,turning to look up at him.

   ”If you must know,I was asking Nialler if he was okay with you walking me down the aisle on our wedding day,Harry Edward Styles.”  His usually big green eyes shot open wider,a shocked look across his face.


   ”Yes you,silly. Unless you don’t want to?”

   ”Of course I want to,Bethany! I’m just shocked you picked me!” Harry’s eyes had tears in them,causing mine to tear up too.

   ”You’re my twin,Harry. Duh.”

   The four of us were lost in conversation for only a little while longer before everyone started shuffling,waking up. It took some time to get all of us up and moving but soon we were getting cleaned up to go out to dinner as we promised earlier in the day.

   Surprisingly to no one we ended up at Nando’s,settling in to a huge table in the corner. My eyes couldn’t help but notice a group of girls opposite of us,not even trying to hide the fact they were glaring at us. Try as I might,I couldn’t seem to shake them,they felt like cobwebs on my skin.

   ”I’ll be right back,don’t eat my food,Nialler.” I whispered,deciding to head off to the restrooms and see if I couldn’t shake the nerves. I loved the fans,but the haters were hard for me to overcome. The hate had settled a bit once Niall and I were officially together,but I tried not to let anyone see how sensitive I still was to it.

   Twisting the knob on the tap,I filled my hands with warm water,lightly splashing it on my face. I closed my eyes,telling myself to relax,opening them once I heard the door open.

   ”Did you finish throwing up,you little whore?” One of the girls from the table stood at the far sink,her scowl so permanent,not even makeup could change it.

   ”That’s not very nice-“

   ”Like I fucking care about being nice to you. You’re just baggage to Niall,he feels sorry for you. You’re not his girlfriend,you’re just his side project.” Without warning she spit in my face before leaving,and once the door closed,my eyes began to water. She couldn’t be right,could she?

    “Hey doll,you didn’t fall in,did you? Niall’s getting,oh Bethany.” Perrie’s voice softened as she saw me holding onto the edge of the sink,biting my lip to hold back the tears.

    “It was those girls,wasn’t it? I saw one come in here,and then once she came out they left.” All I could do was nod as Perrie came over to hug me.

    “Sh..she spit at me,and called me Niall’s ‘side project’. Fuck,I shouldn’t be this stupid and cry over it…”

     ”Hey,it’s alright to cry. People can be mean. But you know yourself that isn’t true. Niall loves you a lot,Mrs. ‘Almost Horan’.” she told me,knowing she’d get me to smile when she said it. Niall had started calling me that lately.

     ”You’re always there for Niall when he gets hate. It’s okay to go to him when it gets too much.” Perrie kissed my cheek,helping me clean my face before she took my hand,leading me back to the group.

     ”You okay,Princess? You look like you’re a little upset.” I half-grinned,pulling his arm around me.

     ”Just need a cuddle for a bit. I’ll tell you later.” His arm tightened around me,a sweet kiss planted on the top of my head.

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